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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, incase you didn't get that-- LOGEN PASSED HIS HEARING TEST!

We did an OAE first, which he passed :) Then, gave his the choloral hydrate to sedate him for the ABR. 1 hour later, Logen was still not alseep! We gave him a second dose of the medicine. 1 hour later- still NOT alseep. The audiologist said that was very rare! Esp since Logen woke up at 9:30 and went to bed at 11. So, at 3:30, we decided to just try the test and see if Logen would cooperate with us. It was then, when they turned the lights ON, he closed his eyes! He still wasn't really asleep and was pretty wiggly- but they managed to get the test done. I am pleased-- there are NO tumors on his auditory nerves! So, I guess when I say his name several times and he doesn't look at me (until about the 5th time with a big 'ole grin) he's just acting "age appropriate" and ignoring me! I couldn't be more proud!

Now, for the fun part! As soon as we took the electrodes off- he started screaming. And, he continued that until we got a few miles down the road. I met my Mom to get Parker and they both slept all the way home. It started POURING rain as I pulled into the driveway (and if the storage shed was done, I'd have my garage back and that wouldn't have been a problem) so, I had to get one boy out at a time. By the time we made it into the house, we look like we took a bath outdoors! I layed Logen in his bed *thinking* he'd stay asleep. I ran out to get Parker, came back in a Logen was laying in the floor screaming. I picked him up and put him back in bed and layed with him. The poor lil guy couldn't even lift his head! So, I brought him out in the living room and tried to lay him on the couch. He couldn't manage to stay on the couch. He wanted down. He couldn't sit, or stand, or keep his head up. (Guess the drugs decided to kick in- a little late, no doubt) By this time, Parker was screaming b/c he was hungry. I called my neighboor (Maggie) to see if she'd come help me. She came and held Logen so I could nurse Parker. When she left, I layed on the floor with Logen and he finally went back to sleep- below are 2 pix of him snoozing. All is well at the moment. Parker is playing in the exersaucer, Logen is snoozing, and I'm eating a bowl of ice cream!

Thanks for all the prayers! I was so worried!
Chrystie- God listened to ya- but you forgot to pray the meds would knock his hiney out! Guess I did to! HA

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  1. Oh Jess, I am SOOOO happy for you!! Well, not happy about how things went down, and the aftermath of the test, but that the results came back so positive! You're right: I should have been more specific with my prayers :-). One test down, only a few more to go (out in St. Louis)...so, don't worry, my prayers will keep coming!!!

  2. Melissa (JoshieNMia's Mommy :)June 27, 2007 at 10:32 PM

    Yippee for Logen! I'm so happy to hear everything went well....LOVE the pic, btw...he looks like a little angel!


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