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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vital Stim (6/6/07)

YesterdayVS session was very productive!! Logen actually ate! He ate nearly an entire Otis Spunkmeyer Blueberry Muffin and 4oz of applesauce! Lori was able to get the machine up to 14 (the highest setting is like 23ish)!!! His norm is 9.5~ he starts getting mad if she goes any higher. I guess he was so wrapped up in eating his yummy treat (I don't offer him "junk" often, and My Momma was the one that bought the muffin) that he didn't notice Lori cranking the machine up. He ate for nearly 30 minutes. He even let Lori feed him a few bites. He's not crazy about letting anybody but Me, Nana, Dad, Tabi (OT), and maybe a few others here and there. So, that alone was a big step :)
After the melt down during VS Monday, yesterday was awesome! I guess I will go buy him another muffin for tomorrow and pray he eats it! (VS is much more productive if you can get the patient to eat and/or drink during the session)

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  1. hey honey, remind me to tell you about the 'jabby places' in reference to Vital stim when I get back. Had another really good talk with my therapists. At the Mayo now...be back next week.


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