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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kinesio Taping

Sherri (Logen's PT on Fridays) brought up something to me last week. Logen has begun walking with his toes pointed in a bit. It's mainly when the AFO's (his are jumpstarts) are on. The reason being, when the braces are on- his ankles are in the proper position. The Kinesio Taping for Logen would be on his gluteal muscles. The point would be to strengthen the hip flexors. As I get more info on this- I will post it.

Here is a link that I found very interesting. However, ths study is on the upper extremties.


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  1. Yes! I had heard of this. I know a ton of women who have done this on P2P. Have you checked out the link yet I sent! they have a ton of insight on this.
    Big hugs and thanks for sharing


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