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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Logen's Vital Stim Treatments

Logen started vital stim therapy in March. We had a good swallow study that revealed he didn't need his thin liquids as thick. We went from Honey to Nectar consistency. He has done well with the change. At the time, the SLP said that since he was progressing on his own she didn't think the treatments would be necessary. I told her we wanted to try it for a few different reasons.

1) To improve swallowing function & hopefully elminate the need to thicken his thin liquids (stop aspirating)
2) To get his tongue into a neutral position
3) To improve oral motor skills & to strengthen all of those muscles
4) Stop the drooling!
5) Speech!!!!!

Talking with a wonderful woman I met online (Andrea, her blog is below- A day in the life of Luke) I learned that at TWU they consider if unethical to proceed with VS treatments less than 3x per week. We had been doing 2x per week. When I told Lori (the SLP who administers Logen's VS) about this, she said she would be more than happy to "up" Logen's treatments to 3x per week. So, next week we will begin the treatments 3x per week!

* Please say a prayer for Logen throughout this. It's hard on his to have 4 electrodes "tickling" your neck & throat muscles. Also, pray for improvement!!! Thanks :)

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  1. Your wonderful too honey! Big hugs and so glad your upping it.
    I emailed you 2x today! HUGS again

  2. for some reason I can't seem to click back on my blog from your blog. Check my link again in your friends section:

  3. I'm so excited that you posted this!! Ella did her swallow study on Thursday and we should be scheduled starting next week. I'm gonna make sure and ask about doing it 3X instead of 2X!! I'd do it 5X a week if they'd let me and it would help! Oh yeah, and if insurance would pay for it.


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