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Thursday, June 7, 2007

This Is Illegal In My House!

At 445am, I hear loud sounds coming from the baby monitor in Logen's room. My first reaction was to hit Adam and tell him somebody was breaking in. He turned over and said, what the heck is that? A few seconds later we hear, "Green Acres" playing in the hall way. Then, we see lights flashing. Then, we see Logen driving his tractor into our bedroom to PLAY! At 445 AM!!!!!! How can anybody want to play at that time of morning?? He went to bed at 930, so I know he was not fully rested. He did end up going back to bed, but it wasn't til almost 6 before he was back n la-la land! What a monster!! (I gotta admit, it was funny! And, I'm glad he's "able" to do stuff like this)

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  1. HA!!! Next time send him over to play with Bella LOL:)


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