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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Does Anybody Know Anything????

This is a continuation of "DHS Bites". The lady finally called me back this morning. And, to nobody's suprise-- she didn't know anything! She had 2 800 numbers to give me about the transportation and lodging. The transportation one worked, but I got to leave a voice mail (do people really work in medicaid offices?). However, the other number didn't work. Go figure. I asked he about HIPP and a few other things our OT suggested- which she couldn't answer. She said, "call the number on the back of the medicaid card" OMG!!!! Do they hire people off the street to work in the DHS offices????? I could have figured that one out! She didn't even know which number went to what office. She just said, "call & see what one is what". Oh, boy! What a smart lady I dealt with! Now, I am waiting for her to call me back about the number that didn't work. If it takes 4 days, it will be pointless. Guess I'll be calling the number on the back of the card this afternoon. Maybe somebody there will know what the heck they are doing. Or, atleast know who I can call. And, not just the back of the card. Oh--- and (big shocker) the woman said, nobody had ever asked her the questions about lodging and transportation. Hmmm.... probably b/c nobody knows about it. Seems Arkansas is pretty good at "hiding" help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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