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Monday, June 4, 2007

The 'Roids Are Driving Us CrAzY!!!

AGGGGGGGG......... I needed to get that one out! The steriods are making me nuts! Logen is soooo crabby, irritable, clingy, whiney, restless, etc! He fought and fought us with bed time last night. And, his little eyes were so black! I know he was exhausted. He finally went to bed after 10pm. Then, was up from 4 to 6:30. And, woke up for good by 8am! So unlike him! He usually sleeps until 10ish! So, 8 was a killer. I've been up since 4 (Adam left at 630, Parker was up nursing- it's been nonstop somebody needs Mom for something since 4).
He will be off the meds Wednesday- and it usually takes a day or so for the meds to get out of his system. Oh, man am I going to be a major grump by the end of the week!
If you wouldn't mind-- say a prayer for my sanity! And, of course, for Logen to stop having all the lovely side effects of drugs.... haha.

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  1. Yes girl...just prayed! I have to say...when I read your title..I started laughing...I thought you meant the 'other' word.

    However..yes, I hate the ROIDS as well! Hope you get some sleep sweetie,


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