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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AAC Eval Results

This is the only pic I managed to snap and it's blurry!!!

The eval went rather well. Logen picked up on the devices pretty fast! They took him in the PT therapy room & programmed in "slide", "ball pit", "swing", & "bubbles". Once Logen figured out that he had to touch "go" & where he wanted to go, he was "talking" up a storm! Go slide, go slide, go slide! It was very neat & I was pleased as pie! It really made me feel like all those comments of "he's so smart" were "real".

The device Logen will be getting is called the Vantage Plus. The device uses a unique kind of language- that was pretty confusing to me!! Guess we will all be learning it together!! It uses the unity language.

Here is a link about the device and it's unique language. I wanted to copy & paste some key info, but it wasn't letting me do it my way! It is in the forn of a power point & it's a pretty neat presentation.
More info about the device.

Now- for the crappy part! They said it could take until February to actually get the device. The SLP & OT will type up the eval and their recommendations. Then it will be sent to me to get a Rx and other documents from our therapists and ped. Then, I will submit to insurance. I have to wait for then to either deny or approve. Then, if it's denied it will be sent to medicaid. They have 60 days to decide. Nice, eh?!?! Once they decide it will be submitted to the company and then to us! Rediculous! I am hoping we get it soon b/c it was really nice for Logen to beable to "talk". On the other hand, I cannot accept that my child will be talking by computer. It's not fair. I feel like other children would be much more accepting of him using sign language. But, he cannot possibly sign alot right now b/c of his motor limitations. He does try really really hard, but his hands just don't cooperate with him. I was happy during the eval & when we left I just wanted to break down & cry. I WANT Logen to beable to really speak. This completely sucks.......

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