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Friday, August 10, 2007

Logen's Getting A POLLY-WOG!

Don't you love the name?? I think I could say it over & over... LOL Logen had an appt at the Orthotic Clinic yesterday afternoon. He's doing much better! He started out with AFO's that hit right above the ankle. From there we went to the jumpstarts, which hit a little lower than that and were pre-fab. Now, we are at a polly wog, which is similiar to a shoe insert. Here is the pic from Cascsade's website and then info they provide. I will post pics of Logen wearing his new "spiffy" POLLY WOGS when we get them!!!

The PollyWog is our newest off-the-shelf, submalleolar orthotic.
The PollyWog's unique trimlines offer a solution to patients who require more control than is offered by a shoe insert but would be over-braced with a supramalleolar DAFO.
The flexible toe shelf, heel cup and full inner liner provide excellent comfort while enhancing full contact and good hind foot control through all phases of the gait. Plantar surface contours include the metatarsal, peroneal and longitudinal arches, and the DAFO signature toe elevation.

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