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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Communication Device

We are awaiting an aug comm eval through Easter Seals. We've been waiting since June. We are hoping to get in Aug 22. When we were in St Louis, the neuro suggested a few different kinds for Logen to "play" with. In order for our insurance and medicaid to cover the cost of a device, he has to try out atleast 3 different models to see which fits him best. The one she suggested is called a Tango. (www.blink-twice.com) It's small, and similiar to a PSP- so, I'm not sure that he can get his fingers apart and pointing in such a precise manor??!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another one is the Dynavox. (www.dynavoxtech.com) Logen did AWESOME with this one. His therapy clinic had an inservice with the Dynavox rep, and Logen was invited! LOL. He figured out how to work the machine quickly. The cons are- the size. It's more suitable for a wheelchair. It's heavy! ABout 7lbs. And, its bigger than my lap top closed. It's very neat though. He was able to play games on it.

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The Vantage Plus was another suggestion. (www.prentrom.com) I don't know anything about this one.
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Here's the Mini Merc. (ww.assistivetech.com) It is 3.5lbs and much smaller (but not as small as the Tango). Looking on the internet, this one is pretty neat.
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I'll update after our eval and let you know what we get. I'm still not 100% convinced I am ready to have a child with a communication device. I would love for Logen to beable to sign. Kids don't look at kids that sign as oddly as kids that have to talk with the aid of computers. It just sucks! Guess this is just another one of those tough things I don't want to have to accept. I pray everyday that Logen will talk. But, he will be 4 in a few weeks and I know our time is running out for things like that. The guy with CP that works for my mom didn't speak til he was 7, so that does give me a little hope to cling to.

Jessica ~

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  1. I'm not a CP mama so feel free to point & laugh if this is a crazy idea, but could you get him a comm device and teach him the signs of the words that he uses on the comm device? Say he pushes "airplane" and then you could teach the sign for airplane (ok so we all know that Logen knows that word super duper awesome but just as an example:)). My CP cousin learned to sign and is about to get his bachelors in college-never spoke (I know I'm so encouraging) but he rocked this world signing! Either way-Logen is still the luckiest boy ever because he has you as his mama!


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