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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok, so obviously- I am not driving! Adam is!! LOL We have been up since 8 (Parker the alarm clock woke us up!) I ran Logen to therapy this morning and went home to finish packing. We finally got in the van around noon. It's not 3:23 and we are um, about 45 minutes from home. We had a few errands to do!! We should arrive arounf 7ish. Depending on the stops. We are traveling on "children time" :)

Logen has no clue it's his birthday :( Poor guy... his mom and dad just shove him in the car!! Hey, atleast we did turn a movie on :) He's watching "The Wild" as I type!!

Perhaps I can update driving home if the 'net doesn't work at Mama June's.

Oh, guess what I saw??? Maybe I am a complete dork- but I even pulled out the camera! It was a burnt SUV (We think it was a Ford Escape). The tow truck pulled up next to us at a stop light and I was in awe! I had to take a pic. I will upload it later. Maybe we will have a poll on the vehicle type! haha. The driver of the truck as well as Adam gave me funky looks for taking pics of it. Hmm.... maybe I AM a dork!

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  1. Hey chica- get your butt on here and let the world know you are alive:) Hope everything went wonderful!!! And if not, feel free to vent and eat LOTS of ice cream!


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