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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Logen's Going To School!

I've been struggling since May (since we left his other school due to major im-moral issues as well as other things) to find a good preschool program that would take Logen with his disABILITIES and the fact that he's not potty trained. You would not believe the list of places I called and went to visit.

The first place I took Logen to seemed happy to take him. However, I got a weird vibe. The 2nd time we went, a child cut his finger with scissors. The teacher was standing in the hall talking to another teacher. That was a sign for me to grab Logen and run!

Several places wouldn't even consider him b/c he's not potty trained. Even though the reason is b/c of CP. Didn't matter. I broke down crying several times. I am sure several people in my community think I am a complete nut job! I asked one lady at a church program how she could call herself a Christian and judge my son on what he's not physically able to do. Ya, she probably really thinks I need some help! I can now laugh at that. One center told me they weren't "equipped to deal with a child like mine". Ha..... talk about making a mom feel good......

The 2nd center that would happlily take Logen didn't work out either. (maybe I am just overly protective?) We had a meeting with the director (who was a CNA prior to opening the preschool) and his teacher. His teacher had worked with special needs children in the past and that was her "forte". She was very happy to have the chance to work with Logen- or so she said. For the last 2.5 weeks I have called and not gotten an answer. I also left voice messages, non have been returned. I went by there before we left last week. They had a list of excuses. That kinda raised a red flag. It really bothered me. So, I decided to keep looking and maybe consider them again if all else failed.

In July I put Logen on the waiting list for a really great pre-k readiness program. His SLP has had her son on the list since he was born. His PT's foster daughter's also attend the daycare part of the program. This program is pretty well known and I have heard only wonderful things about it! I happened to call on Monday to ask where Logen fell on the list. The lady told me his name wasn't on the list. (Discouraged mom at this point). But, she said they had somebody "drop out" at the last minute. They had an opening!! I then told her about Logen. They take only children that are completely potty trained. I told her I was ok with them not changing him at all. Just take him to the potty when they take the other children (The school day only last 2.5 hours, so I'm not horrible for this request! lol). She said they could probably do that with a note from his ped saying that the reason he wasn't potty trained was b/c of the CP? She asked if we could come for an "interview". So, yesterday I loaded the boys up and went to the "interview". The teacher said she thought she could handle Logen as his needs weren't to hard. It will be on a trial basis. He gets one month to prove himself (as I say). She wants to make sure it's a good fit for him. This is where we need some MAJOR PRAYERS.

Today was orientation. It was neat. I learned that he will be taking 3 field trips during the school year. To the public library, the fire station, and the University of Arkansas' barn to see the animals. The program is Tues/Thurs for 2.5 hours. It runs from Sept to May. Just like "real" school. Logen threw the biggest fit when we left yesterday. Today, as soon as we turned on the road to the church he was very excited. Today he threw a fit when leaving. This makes me very happy- it means he likes it! He didn't even mind when I left the room! The teacher seems eager to learn the few signs he knows and said she would even try and teach the class the signs. Logen will start school next Tuesday. Please keep him in your prayers. Pray that he adjusts, that he shares (this is a huge huge battle in our home), that he is not to much to deal with for the program, and that the other children and his teacher love him. I want him to beable to stay in the program. He needs this. He needs to interact with the other children, he needs more structure in his day. And, for him- watching and following along witht he other children has always been so motivational.

Prayers Please! Thanks :)

Love & Hugs!

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  1. Oh, Jess....I am SOOOO excited for Logen ( & you!!!). This will be such a GREAT thing for him! Joshie LOVES school too & I think it has helped him alot!!
    I'll say prayers for you both!! :) It's hard leaving the little ones :)

  2. Supa dupa prayers for you and Logen!!! AND for the preschool to see what an assume additional he will be to their class-he has SOOOO much to offer and so much to teach others! You have been through the ringer so I really hope this one works. Poo to all the jerks that don't see what an awesome kiddo Logen is, and YAY to this school! Hang in there and holler if you need to come by for a drink on Tuesday after dropping him off:)


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