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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OT Evaluation

Therapy eval's are bittersweet. It's wonderful to see the progress Logen has made in a years time. It's also very hard to see how behind he really is, especially when I see the age equivalencies.

Here is a run-down of Logen's OT eval. He was evaluated using the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales 2 (PDMS2), Beckmann Oral Motor Eval Protocol, & the Motor Free Visual Perception Test (MVPT-3).

The Peabody's "Scores":
Grasping: 1 %tile, age equiv~ 14 months
Visual Motor Integration: 2 %tile, age equiv~ 20 months
This makes me so sad. He was 46 months at the time. I just don't understand it. Why Logen? (I know all of the other SN Mommies wonder the same exact thing with their babies)I cannot even think about this, on to the "good" part.

The MVPT-3:
(Copied directly from the eval) It's an individually administered test designed to assess overall visual perceptual ability in individuals ages 4 years, 0 months through 95 years and above. Individuals are presented with a series of test plates and asked to identify the correct answer from among 4 alternatives for each item. No motor involvement is required in providing responses. Perceptual tasks include spatial relationships, visual discrimination, figure-ground, visual closure, and visual memory. Performance in these areas provides a single score that represents the indiviual's general visual perceptual ability.

*** Although the MVPT-3 was standardized, on children ages 4 years and older, Logen was able to participate in the test and his scores reflect his skills if motor planning is eliminated. He was able to consistantly point to the answers, indicating a perferredanswer by either pointing to it repeatedly or rubbing it several times. The following scores represent how Logen functioned if compared to his peers who are 48 months old.

Raw Score: 21
Standard Score: 100
Percentile Rank: 50 %
Age Equivalent: 4 years, 2 months

I m TICKLED to death over this! Logen ranked 4 months ahead! And, technically speaking- he wasn't even old enough to take the test!!!!!

This Years Goals:
1. Logen will demonstrate improved self care skills by performing a) LE dressing b) UE dressing w/ minimal assisance for 3 consecutive sessions (CS).
2. Logen will self feed with modified independance and minimal spillage for 3 CS.
3. Logen will manage a) 1/4" chopped b) 1/2" chopped c) non-modified textures with a rotary chew of the jaw and minimal spillage 10/10 trials for 3 CS.
4. Logen will string 5 small beads on a string independantly for 3 CS.
5. Logen will demonstrate control of a mouse to participate in developmental computer activities with 50% accuracy 3/3 CS.
6. Logen will a) build with wooden pieces b) copy on a chalkboard letter of the alphabet with good form, orientation, and spacing.
7. Logen will catch/throw a playground ball 5/5 trials for 3 CS.

Obvioulsy, I did not include everything- just the "high points". If you have any questions, or would like more info- feel free to shoot me an email or post a comment.

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