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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crazy Me

Yesterday was one of those days. I tried going to get milk at Braum's after I dropped Logen off at school- left my purse at home. Took Logen to therapy and went to Sam's- purse was still at home. Luckily, Adam wasn't far, so I was able to get his debit card and go back to Sam's. The lady at Sam's recognized us (that means I'm in there FAR to much), so I was able to do my shopping w/o having my DL or my Sam's card. Then, Parker & I head to WalMart, I get to the produce (I am done with my shopping besides needing produce, so I have been all over the store) I notice my child is no longer wearing shoes. I've been fighting him through the entire store as he's thrown everything in my buggy onto the floor at some point. So, I frantically run through the store searching for 2 tiny shoes- knowing I am going to be late picking Logen up from therapy. Thankfully, we have some terrific therapists who also have children (and know how wild Parker can be) and said that me being a bit late was fine. Phew! The cashier at WM said, "Mam, you look a little stressed" (No, ya think?!) "Is he your only child?" I say, politely, "no, I have a 4 year old as well." She says, "Oh, you must have your hands full. He looks mischievious." I was thinking- woman, are you kidding me?! Don't mess with me today! She goes on to say, "Theres a lady that comes in here with 9 children. They are all that way. I am ready to pull my hair out by the time she leaves. I am so glad they aren't my children" What do you say to that? So very glad I don't have 9 children- God, please be with that lady and her 9 kids. I know she needs it!

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  1. Don't leave me hanging... Did you find the shoes?!?!?

    I have made that run before - JoAnn Fabrics with a screaming boy. The shoe was in the fleece aisle.

  2. Ella has decided that socks belong all over the mall and stores...I've stopped going back for them, I just grab a new pair out of the diaper bag and consider the others a donation.


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