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Friday, March 7, 2008

"Talker" Funnies

Logen (& the rest of the family) is starting to use his communication device more and more. We call it his talker. Here are a few of the funny things he had told us (or just plain cute ones) over the last week.

* As we were leaving OT this morning, Mrs Tabi said "Logen, can you use your talker to tell me bye?" I turn it on for him and he immediately touches, "no" and walks out the door. We were cracking up over that one!

* Last night, I was browning HB meat and holding Logen b/c he was cranky (he'd just been hit in the head with a spoon by Parker) I put his talker by the stove and told him we have a "spoon" "pot" "beef" and we are going to "cook" it. So, he directs me back to the cooking page. He starts hitting all kinds of buttons and pointing to where the are located in the kitchen. My mixer is in a drawer by the stove, I never realized Logen knew that. He choose "mixer" on his device and pointed to the drawer. I was super impressed!

* Monday afternoon as he was working with Ms Gail (one of the SLP's) he was throwing a small fit b/c he wanted to play toys and she wanted him to do his work. She was using the device to tell him that she was sad that he wouldn't work and that he could play toys are soon as he finished his work. He watched her for a bit and then started talking to her- he told her she was "bad", he was "mad", and "please toys", "no work". She said he just kept telling her she was "bad". How funny is that?! His little personality is really starting to shine through!

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