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Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Cool!

I installed a new program on my blog in January. It tells me who visits my blog (not as in your name, just your location~ your state and country) Here is something I've learned:
The date below is from February 4, 08 to March 5, 08.
I've had 2 visits from Germany! (YAY)
109 visits from Canada
7 from Belize
Texas has stopped by 39 times
Get the picture?

I have NOT had any visitors from Maine, Louisana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and a few others- so if you know anybody from those states- can ya tell them to stop by? I'd like to have atleast 1 visitor per state by 2009 :)
Thanks! Love & Hugs Blog Fam- J

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  1. Hi there, I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your boys are so handsome! Thanks for the link on your site to my story (Bennett's Blog) and for the warm welcome on the Baby Center CP board.

  2. You'll get them honey.
    High life drama demands tons of hits!


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