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Thursday, March 13, 2008

He's In UNDIES!!!

Check it out! Logen is wearing 'big boy' undies today! I bought them this afternoon hoping that maybe if he has 'real' undies he'd care if he went to the bathroom in them. I took him to the potty when he got home from therapy (and he went peepee!) and then he picked out the ones he wanted to wear. He was trying to look at his bootay in the mirror, but ended up just turning circles. It looked like a dog chasing tail. his t He doesn't have the neck muscle stregth to beable to turn his head like that. Keep your fingers crossed that he 1) likes this idea and wants to potty in the potty more often 2) doesn't pee on the furniture :P (He INSISTS on wearing that oo-g-l-y shirt whenever it's clean!!! Even if it's freezing out and the shirt is under layers)

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  1. YEAH LOGEN!!! Good Luck! I hate potty training. It was hard enough training my girls. I don't want to think about training boys and then training a boy with CP! YIKES. Good luck! KEEP US POSTED!

  2. He looks so cute and proud of his big boy undies!! Good Luck with the potty training. I love his shirt : )


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