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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day...

Well, my title explains it. Today was BAD. I mean REALLY bad.

* I wake up to find Logen has peed all in my bed. I had to take it completely apart- it even soaked the mattress!
* I am a a big hurry and can't seem to remeber ANYTHING I need to take to with me. I ran back into the house atleast 10 times to get something else. Logen has about 6 pairs of shoes- and, I cannot seem to find a single mate. NOT EVEN HIS SWIM SHOES! Where his braces have gone, I don't know. He went w/o shoes today.
* I back into Adam's car while pulling out of the garage. This wouldn't be so terrible if it weren't the 2nd time I've done this. Yes- SECOND time. I smash it even worse. I broke his head light and my tail light. And tore the cahoots out of both bumpers!
* Take Logen into therapy. I feel like the WORST mother ever. While I did manage to grab his lunch for feeding, I didn't get the communication device. Nor is he wearing shoes. And, he runs into the desk, or door- I forget. So, I get the device- I forgot to charge it last night. It's dead. He did therapy next to an outlet so he could 'speak'.
* Go in for an oil change. Leave Parker's diaper bag sitting in front of his car seat. With a card my Momma sent Logen in the bag. The card was in an envelope. Inside was a 100.00 bill and 2 sheets of stickers. I didn't think about it. The dealership had NEVER messed with anything in my car before. I get back to the van and put Parker in his seat, thinking- Oh, I left the card in here. I'd better check it to see if the money is still in there. It's NOT. It had to have been taken out. It in no way could have fallen out on it's own. So, I raised H E double hockey sticks. Nothing was accomplished. The man said that he'd talk to his service techs, and that I mustve taken the $ out and not realized it. Folks, we aren't rich. A hundred bucks is a big deal to us. I would have noticed spending that kind of money. My mom sent the boys the money for a specific reason, a dual DVD player for the van. I hadn't found one we like yet, so I haven't spent that $- I never even took it out of the card. There is an inprint of a hundred dollar bill in the card!
* I'm argueing with the dealership and end up being 20 minutes late to pick Logen up from therapy. Thank goodness for a great clinic- that totally understands!
* Go to WalMart, get the stuff I need and I didn't get the right things, so I left it there and had to go back after Adam got home to watch the boys.
* Dave calls (my step daddy) and tells me I should really go file a police report. At the very least, the dealership will have it's name in the paper with a complaint. I think about it and decided- what they hay. Why not?
* Get to the police station, and sit to wait for the cop to take my report. Remember, Logen is still bear feeted. I'm embarressed. My munchkin child is running around with no shoes. The cop calls us in, and Logen freaks! They had a cop come to his school and the lights and sounds on the car scared him. Guess he thought he was going to go back to the police car. So, I'm giving my report holding a screaming baby and one that keeps digging in the trash. THANKFULLY, Adam just got of work and was near by to save me. Mind you, he's still 189% TICKED I hit his car, a 2nd time.
* Got home, cooked dinner, kitchen cleaned, kids bathes and to bed, and now I'm blogging. Nothing else has gone wrong- yet. My hubby is still not to happy with me, but did atleast kiss me once :) No hug though!

On a side note- Thank you Jesus for not being hurt in any of our crazy incidents today. And, for the time I got to spend with my family. And, that my hubby didn't kill me for crashing 2 cars in my own driveway. :)

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  1. Oh Jess! Big hugs! That does sound like an awful day. I hope that Friday gets better

  2. I don't even know what to say besides go to bed....tomorrow has to be better. :)

  3. ***** XOXO *******
    Sounds like you a need a break :)
    Hope tomorrow is much, much better!!!

  4. Oh, forgot to add....
    PPPPPTTTTTTTTT :p !!!!!! to the JERK who stole the $100!!! All I have to say is KARMA is a B*TCH!!!!

  5. Oh wow! What a day! I am sorry you had such a terrible day yesterday. I sure hope today is better for you...at least today is Friday so you have the weekend to look forward to!

  6. When it rains it pours. Here's hoping you have better days. Can't get much worse can it?

  7. *hugs* I hope things pick up for you guys!!


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