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Monday, March 31, 2008


I wasn't going to blog about this. But, then I decided- it's MY blog. And, I can blog about whatever I want to blog about. If I wanted to blog about the food I ate or how many times I went potty during the day, I could (I assure you I wouldn't do that to my readers!!) I'm having plastic surgery, breast augmentation. I know there are several people out there who don't agree with it. For the longest time I was one of them. I thought you should be happy with what God gave you. Why would you want to change it? He made you perfect in his eyes? Well, if you have been reading my blog for a while- then you know I have self-esteem issues. I want to feel better about myself. I breastfed Logen for 22 months. Parker nursed for 15 months. My breasts are empty and saggy. One of my dearest friends asked me where they went. She told me they used to be pretty. Thats a true friend right there. "Jess, your boobs were pretty. What happened?" Haha. Thanks hun! Love you too!!!
I went in for an initial consultation 6 weeks ago. My PS said that he wouldn't do the surgery until my milk had dried up b/c higher risk of infection plus my breast may 'deflate' even more. No joke, he said 'deflate'. I said- "uh, really- they couldn't possibly get any smaller!" I go back in tomorrow for a follow up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed theres been no change or my milk is gone, whatever needs to be going on inorder to have some saline pumped in there :P My tentative surgery date is April 28th. While I am nervous about going under, I'm more excited about having clevage once again! I've done my research and feel confident that my surgen knows his stuff and that I know what I'm in for. I've also talked to people that have had it done. Including my Aunt, who had a horrible time and said she wouldn't do it again!
So, there ya have it. More honestly from me. I'm going to eventually scare my readers away with it! LOL I'll update after my appt tomorrow!

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  1. I have a friend that just did a reduction and a lift, and SHE love it! Probably more the lift then anything else!

    Let us know how it goes. I decided yesterday too, that my blog is my blog, I am going to write what I want. LOL. I will read whatever you write Jess!

    Keep us posted on the surgery. Will you post a CLOTHED before and after pic for us though?

  2. Good for you Jess and Suzanne is right you write what you want. If people don't like it they don't have to read it.

    I will up the ante, you need to post a bikini top shot for us. You can set up a private site for us right?

    I hope your appt. goes well tomorrow . I'm sure everything will turn out great.

  3. GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    I think it's GREAT!!
    I'm in for the pics too :)

  4. I am with the other gals - this is your blog, feel free to share! Plus, I am nosy and love knowing what is going on with everyones lives ;)

    Good luck with it and I will be watching for the pictures!

    I hope the appointment goes well (and glad to hear that you were able to get Parker weaned, I had not asked about it recently :)


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