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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh, Boy!

Today is a snow day. Does that sum it up? Let me explain... Both of my boys wake up on the wrong side of bed today. Cranky as ever. I get up (after a not so restful night) and come to the kitchen to fix them both milk. Which is very much a chore. Logen's must be thickened, and he likes it with carnation instant breakfast. Parker will not drink milk unless it's thickened with a certain amount of yogurt, preferable strawberry banana. And, they are both very particular about the cup they will drink out of first thing in the morning. I get half way done with the milk making and think to myself- I HAVE to have some coffee. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! I go to the coffee pot and find the absolute BIGGEST coffee ground mess ever. My husband had to have made his coffee with his eyes shut this morning. There is NO possible way he could have gotten the grounds in every nook and crany of the coffee pot and (no joke) spread across half my kitchen floor with his eyes even remotely open, just no way. I'm still finding little black granules in places I never thought possible!
All is good for the moment. I am sitting down at the table with my Cinnamon flavored coffee with a child on both sides of me covered in maple syrup and pancakes. I'm laughing to myself b/c I have no idea how you Momma's with more than 2 babies do it! I was thinking I was such a horrible mother in the middle of it all this morning! I prayed for 45 minutes straight, "God, please grant me the patience and the sanity to get through this day. And, of course for my children to go back to sleep and wake up on the opposite side of cranky. Thank you."

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