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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Allergy Testing

Parker went in for a blood allergy test this morning. He was the happiest kid ever before hand. He did awesome sitting in my lap in the lab chair. They had pictures of dogs on the wall, so he was pretty occupied looking at them. When the nurse came over to draw his blood- I very firmly said, last time we were here he got stuck 3 times before they got a good vein. We are not doing that again. You stick him once and get what you need. his veins blow easily, so be careful. She looked at me like, "ooook psycho mom". She had 2 other people come look at both of his arms, the last person to look at them was the one to draw the blood. I think that one lady was scared of little 'ole me!!!! We *should* have results in by Friday. His poop hasn't decreased by much. His bottom did look a bit better this morning. We went into the dr for a quick look yesterday and the APN gave me some samples of a higher-whatever anti-fungal cream to see if that would help. I am actually praying he's not allergic to milk. I don't know what we'd do! I spent nearly 20 bucks last night at the health food store on 8 slices of rice cheese, 6 (6oz) containers of soy yogurt, and a tiny little box of milk free cookies. The kid is totally going to break the bank!!!!! I took a few pictures with my phone after we got back to the car. He was fascinated with his cotton ball and tape.

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