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Monday, June 2, 2008

In Need Of Input!

Help Me Out, Puh-Leezzzz :)

When I worked at the college before I was working on a web-page.
Here's a brief run down- I recieved my level one CRLA tutoring certificate when I was working before. In order to receive each level you must complete a certain # of hours of training, tutoring, and we also have these questions to answer- kinda like what would you do type things- To get to each higher level they add something else you must do. Like 15 hours of training and 30 hours of tutoring, certain # of the questions, and do a project. (I am not exactly 100% sure on the hours mentioned above) I had completed all of the above minus my project- my "science help" website.

So, where I WANT and NEED your Input----- Help me come up with a NAME!! Science Help Website sounds gay. The courses included now are Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy & physiology- as I take more and more science courses, I will add pages to my site.

When I publish the site- I'll post the link :) DON'T FORGET TO POST YOUR INPUT!!!!!!

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  1. Geneticists - "Trying hard to unzip your genes" LOL, stole that one.


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