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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worst Morning Ever

I'm a day behind on posting. I was caught up on the medicaid crap yesterday, I forgot all about how horrid our morning was. And, yea- I know, it was not that bad in the large scheme of things, it could have been much, much worse.

Monday was Logen's last day of Preschool. His school is run like the public school systems. So, yesterday- he started in the same program that Parker is in (they work hand in hand with his preschool as well) I had not met the morning teacher yet. The teacher that comes in at 8 I worked with, and had requested her. (I worked at this program when I was pregnant with Logen, thats why I decided to put Parker here) The site director had met with Ms Lewis (Logen's school yr preschool's site director) before, and knew about his needs. However, when I went in yesterday morning and was talking to the morning teacher she had a blank stare and looked completely clueless. When I walked out of there I was so scared. I have NEVER feared leaving my Logen in a place before, simply b/c if I didn't get a good vibe, I didn't leave him. I went against my vibes and left yesterday. I walked out in tears, which of course upset Parker, who starts crying a mile before we get to his center. I called Tami at Logen's pre-school in tears. I said, it's not a good fit and I couldn't do it. Immediately, Ms Lewis got in her car and went to check on Logen. A BIG BIG BIG relief to know that they have his best interest at hand. Tami transfered me to the program coordinator, Maria- who also sent somebody to check on him (the main office is right across from the center that Logen is in). By the time I got to Parker's center to drop him off the poor child was crying so hard he was shaking. His teachers was trying to console me and him. Can you imagine? I made it to work and got busy, and was fine. When I picked Logen up- he had had a great day- no tears. He had eaten great, 2 helpings of everything at lunch, had a big poop, and was standing up on his cot when I walked in. Janet (the teacher I requested) went on and on how how sweet he is. This morning when I dropped him off, I had a much more positive attitude. Of course, Parker still started crying a mile away, but this is nothing new. And, his teachers assure me it's only for my benefit b/c he stops when I leave. Still kills me!

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  1. Ah, Jess....seems like you have your hands full lately!!!
    It will only get better, sweetie!
    BTW, did you get my text this weekend???

  2. sounds like a rough day for sure. I hope it gets better for you - it sounds like the boys are ok. Hang in there.

  3. Jess - Leaving the little ones is so hard. I feel for you and know how awful it is when they cry as you leave. You are a wonderful mom. Feel free to text me any time (except right now since I left my phone at work accidently LOL)


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