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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What A Day!

Yesterday was one of those days that you go through the day praying for it to end soon! I'll explain-
Am hours- blood testing (post "Allergy Testing")
Pm Hours- I went to pick Parker up at daycare at 2:45. His classroom was closed off. The site director said there was a gas leak or something of the sort- so Miss Julie had taken the children on a buggie ride (they have this neat wagon for Parker's age group that has 8 seatbelts). She told me the path they typically take- so I signed Parker out and drove around the building in search of my little boy. I don't see a buggie. I go back inside and tell the site director what I did. She takes off running out the front one way and another teacher takes off another way. So, I jet off in another direction- completely freaking out at this point. I'm picturing the whole "Without A Trace" scenario where the buggie with 8 kids and a teacher disappear. After 20 minutes of panicing, he's located. They had gone around the building next door as well- and were way off the 'typical' route. You can imagine how shaken up I was.
I realize it's 3:06 and I have to be 15 miles away by 3:16 to get my friends 2 daughters at the bus stop (I've been getting them for the last 2 weeks- they go to an all year school and the last month of school the bus routes are limited, they bus to 1 location close to a students home, but certainly not walking distance- somebody has to pick each child up) I send Ann (their mom) a text telling her I'd be about 5 minutes late. At 3:18, Jason (their dad) calls. I answer the phone in complete panic mode, nearly in tears so worried about the girls. He didn't even know I was late and pretty much coached me through breathing until I got to the stop to get them. They were standing there (alone- which p's me off b/c the bus driver should not have left them there!) the oldest one in tears. I felt like a terrible person. I hugged her and told her I'd never forget them and I loved them very much. At that point, I was pretty much crying. I remember being 9 and can relate to that "what if somebody forgets to pick me up somewhere" feeling. Ann said they were fine last night and I needed to calm down!!

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  1. Sounds like a really rough day! I hope that today is better. Reichen's day-care is in a strip mall and they have the buggy also. I will pick them him up and they are walking back and forth in front of the mall. It is pretty cute and I really appreciate knowing I can find them just by looking up and down in front of the mall. I can only imagine how scared you were!!

  2. I hope today was an easier day for you Jess!


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