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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nothing "Concrete", But...

I am almost 100% postitive Parker is allergic to milk. We won't get the results until Friday (at the earliest). I have a list on my fridge of "Parker Safe Foods", and it's not very long- it's sad really. It seems almost everything has milk in it. I've made trips to the health food store and spent tons there. That stuff is outragously priced! A carton of soy yogurt is 1.29 for 6 oz. A half gallon of his milk is over 3 bucks.
So, back to how I'm pretty sure I know he's allergic- Saturday morning we gave him pancakes. Not even thinking about them containing milk. And by Saturday night his face had a horrable rash all over it. (He was Dx'd with Ezchema at a few months old, but now we think it's b/c of milk) And, by Sunday morning- his bottom was raw and bright red. He wouldn't even sit down. So, now- we've got to start being much, much more careful. I'm going to post our list of milk-free foods for reference- maybe some of you are interested in seeing it.

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  1. I know exactly how u feel with the lactose free stuff Audrianna thankfully grew out of her dairy allergies but We still have seafood and egg allergies here

  2. UGH! Add another thing to your "list", huh???
    (( HUGS))....pretty soon you will be a PRO with this!!
    BTW, I sent you a little something...should be getting it soon :)

  3. I agree UGH another thing to add to your list!

    Keep us posted on how everything goes.

  4. That sucks! Is it something he may grow out of? As if you needed more stuff to organize..

  5. This is a lot to take on. Keep us posted and know we are thinking of you.

    Could this milk allergy be the cause of some of the other things that Parker has had going on?


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