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Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Been Decided, It's Cool To Be Lacto-Free!

Guess you didn't get that memo, did you?

We just got it yesterday. After Parker has had about 5 weeks of diarrhea and a red, bleeding, clear oozing diaper rash. He poops 30 minutes after he eats anything. It can be a big meal or just a few crackers. So last Friday, I had the pleasure of hand delivering poop in a biohazard bag to the hospital lab. The poop has been in the lab to see if anything would grow on it for a week now. Nothing. Which, is good news. But, doesn't tell us anything either. He's been stuck right around the 20lb mark since December. Which means he's not really growing. He's not falling off the charts, which is good- but we are in negative percentiles- in everything.

The plan for the next 7 days- go dairy free. No milk products. My baby LOVES cheese. He will sit at the fridge trying to open it in tears to get a piece of cheese. We've always, always had problems getting him to drink milk- maybe it hurts his tummy- could explain alot right there.

So, yesterday afternoon after I talked to the APN at the Dr's office, I headed to walmart to attempt to fill the pantry with "Parker safe" foods. I walked through the store crying picking up things label reading. Only to find that most everything we eat has a label that says "contains milk". Logen would lean over and bite Parker, then they would both scream. I was on the phone with Logen's OT (both of her children have milk allergies), as she was guiding me through the store telling me a few things that would be safe. She's going to put together a list of 'safe' foods today. I still have no clue how I am going to not starve my kiddo.

Look in your cabinet- I'd bet most everything you have contains milk. It's insane. I wanted to lay down in fetal position in walmart and scream. Lets just add 1 more thing to the mix why don't we?! Apparently God thinks I can handle all of this. I have news for him, I don't think so. This is to much. To much I tell you. We are talking about a huge diet change. If Parker can't eat it, then the rest of us can't exactly eat it infront of him either. So, I am going to need to learn a new way to cook. And shop, and where the crap are we going to eat out?

At the end of 7 days, if his butt is clear and his poop has decreased- then it's a milk allergy. If not, we look onward. We start with blood work- testing for other common allergies. The dr is sure it's a food that is doing it to him b/c why else would NO rx bootay cream clear up his bottom. I have spent well over 200 bucks on his hiney in the last month. And, he screams when it's changing time. If he'd just not poop so much.... Say a prayer for us all. We need it!

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  1. Hummm I didnt get the memo. But Lactose in high amts, put Jacob in the hospital at 18 months old. We were using Heavy cream to increase his calories. Woops.

    www.parent-2-parent.com hummm you've heard that before havent you? You will be accepted there ;)


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