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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Angels Among Us

I keep replaying that song in my head. "There are angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above..." This applies to us in the last 2 days. We've been blessed and I have to share it.
Tuesday I was still searching for a cheap hotel in St Louis. Knowing we were leaving this moring (btw- we are here and safe!). I'd been searching for months trying to find a good deal. An amazing man stepped in and gave us an ultimate gift.
Instead of just $ (b/c anybody that knows me [refer to above] knows that I will find cheap. You must give me a gift if you want me to have something nice. I buy nice for my kids, and others- but slack on myself). I was really hoping to find a hotel for the 2 nights we would be here and only spend like 100 bucks. We just don't have much more. This trip was unexpected. We've already filled up the gas tank 2x (in one day!) at nearly 4 bucks a gallon. My minivan's gas milage bites!
Ok, so back to my story--- he books us a room. Not at a cheap-o place that Jessica would book where you bring your own softscrub to clean the shower. He books its at The Chase Park Plaza for 2 nights. And throws in some gas $. More than I ever ever ever thought just a friend would do. Just something purely nice.
I get a text this morning from a dear friend. She said she had something for me and needed to stop by on the way to work. So, I'm thinking (since she's also my hair lady- some fun new hair thing) No, she hands me money. She's says, I know it's not much- but we wanted to do something for you guys. Enjoy McDonald's or buy 1/8th a tank of gas. haha
We arrive today and I tell the lady that we are here for medical purposes (this is me, trying to get another bargin). She types something in, looks up at me and says- I have upgraded you to a 1 bedroom suite. I thought you could use the space.
In the last 2 days, we've been more than blessed. I will be making some very nice thank you cards (and baking a goody for John). Words cannot express our gratitude. It's wonderful to know that when something like this comes up, when you have no control over it (Ex Logen's seizures)- you just know you have to do whats best for your child and you have no clue how you will financialy make it out of this medical trip-- there are friends that step in and take over.
There are some amazing people in our lives. There truely "Angels Among Us."
Thank you John. And Thank you Ann & Jason. We love you all. And we cannot say THANK YOU nearly enough.

**Logen's appt is at 8am, I will update tomorrow.

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  1. What an uplifting post! It is true when the chips are down, people just come through. I hope your visit goes well.

  2. It sounds to me that you surround yourself with amazing people!!! That is so wonderful. I hope your trip goes well. Please update when you can!!

  3. How wonderful that you have such amazing people in your life that jumped in to help when you needed it. I'm so glad this happened for you - you've been having a rough time lately.


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