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Friday, July 18, 2008

Me Update

My OB is calling in some sort of antibio cream (kinda like the OTC stuff you do at night, the 1 time at night stuff thats icky and messy). If it doesn't work- I am suppose to call the on call and let them know.

As for the indigestion, I was explaining it to my Momma. She thinks it's an ulcer. The Dr said thats what it sounds like as well. When I swallow, eat or drink- it feels like I am swallowing nuts and bolts. Or the pepper shaker. I can't breath when I lay down, it hurts terribly!

So, thats whats up now--- more drama on the 'us' front. It feels never ending. Today is busy- I'm leaving work, going home to get the check from AIG to pay for my van's repairs, taking the rental van to Enterprise, they'll take me to get my van, I'm hoping to tan. I think Adam is going to a movie with a few guys tonight (the new Superman one).

Hugs- Have a great w/e!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Still hoping you guys catch that big break! Maybe you're going to win the lottery or Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus will be rolling up one of these days!

    Hope things turn around for you soon. I feel your pain.


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