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Friday, July 11, 2008

On The Seizure Front

Since we all slept in a king size bed last night like bugs in a rug (it's all the hotel had left and by the time we got there, I didn't want to leave)- we noticed, Logen twitches ALOT in his sleep. He's never slept very well and typically wakes up a few times, but we don't usually sleep with him as he's been sleeping in his own room. I think he's seizing in his sleep. I'm certainly going to bring it up. It makes sense-- twitery movement, night waking? What do you think?

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  1. Wow! I hope he isn't seizing in his sleep. That would maybe explain if he is more tired and less alert during the day though if that is a possibility.

    Sorry about all the house drama. Sounds like a lot of insanity. Hope you are able to go home soon.

  2. Holy cow chica-chaos at your house!! I hope its not seizing but like Dawn said, it could explain tiredness. BUT also wanted to note that anytime we've had Bella sleep in our bed (storms, bad dreams, traveling, etc.) she twitches ALOT!!! Enough to wake me up quite a few times throughout the night.

  3. Dawn- Tell me about it! Pure craziness!!!!!

    Danielle- That makes me feel better! He wakes up screaming in his own bed sometimes, so I'm fairly sure it's probably seizures. We are going back to St Louis to see the neuro- she wants to put him on a daily med. Maybe we will see a big difference!


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