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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Useless Baby Things

I was reading blogs this morning, and came upon a lady's that posted on how useless her highchair was- it was nasty and stored every kind of crumb imaginable. I thought I'd steal the "useless" idea and create my own list of useless baby things. If you make one to, besure to comment- so I can come read yours :)

* The Crib, didn't use it with either child.
Logen slept in the porta crib thingy next to me, then eventually migrated into our bed. When I had Parker, Logen moved out and into his room. Which, with the seizures is only half a joke. He still ends up in bed with us. Parker started in a bassinet, which swallowed him b/c when he came home is was just under 4lbs. He slowly moved to our bed. Why, b/c I was so afraid he'd stop breathing or the other 10,000 things the NICU warns you about before you are 'allowed' to take your child home. It was to hard getting Parker here! He still sleeps with me (and Adam). With the construction and mess in our house, I'm not even going to stat working on getting him in his room. Lets get flooring back in there 1st.

* Bottles. Bought a ton of them. Every kind made and they all ended up in the trash. Parker took 1 in the NICU, but wanted only momma when he got home (we were forced to nurse every 2 hours for calorie intake/weight gain, so that was pretty rough). Now, we realize Logen didn't take a bottle b/c he couldn't. He still couldn't drink out of 1 if he tried. We order a special sippy from a therapy catalog at 20 bucks a cup.

* Infant bathrobe & house shoes. Seriously, why would a non-mobile critter need a robe or house shoes? I dress my kids and put sockies on their feet. They now wear house shoes, at 4.5 and almost 2.

I went blank. I think those were the most annoying things we had, in my opinion of course.

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