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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unexpected Death, Please Pray

I talked to my mom last night and got a sad story. An SLP that used to work for her (Jamie, whom I have met and found to be a very delightful person) lost her parents the night before.

We don't know alot about what happened, we will have to wait for the investigation and autopsy reports. Her parents were going to St Louis, Missouri (where we take Logen to the CP Clinic). They stopped in a town along the way to stay the night in a hotel. We've often done this as well to break up the drive. They were murdered. They were found a quarter mile from the hotel behind a dumpster. Their dog was also murdered. She told my mom is looked like a blood bath. They had tried to put them into the dumpster, but may not have had the time and just left the 3 of them behind it. Their car was found down the street a ways.

In my opinion- travelers would be good victims. They carry credit cards, cash- and people know they are gone, so they wouldn't be expecting them home. My mom & I talked about how many times we've walked outside in the dark at a hotel in that area without paying a lick of attention to let the boys run off steam before bed. My mom would go outside by herself to smoke, never thinking another thing about it. We've gone in hotels along the way to check rates without looking at our surroundings. I would think the people doing this obviously had to enjoy it. Why else would the kill their dog to? How sick is that?! Would you please pray for Jamie's family? I can't imagine loosing my parents period, much less to a crime such as this.

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  1. Holy crap! That is horrible. Do you have any links to the story in the media. That is one that I would like to follow up on. Seems so random and pointless. Scares me to death since we like to travel and I'll be trekking to IL with the boys soon.

  2. There was an article in the paper yesterday, I am trying to find it online. When I do, I will post it the link.


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