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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Girly" Issues

Here's one of those things half of you really don't care to know, but I'm going to post anyway... lol
I've posted on this issue before, here's a mini update- Last I posted my cervix was opened at like 2cm, I checked it last night at it was opened to 3cm. It must have done that in the last week. (I seriously check this nearly everyday, I'm a spaz!) I should have gone in for my yearly in May, I just keep forgetting to make the appt. So, I will call today to schedule it. Dr H told me at my checkup in January that if it keeps opening, that pretty much means I cannot carry another baby to term and possibly not even hold a pregnancy. So, today I just feel like a big 'ole failure. A woman's body is designed to carry children. And, even if I had decided I didn't want another one, I WANT to decided that NOT my body make the decision for me. Thats not right. I know, I need to look at the bright side, God gave me 2 beautiful, healthy little boys-- I still can't help but feel like crap. Blah. Maybe thats how I feel, just "blah".

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