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Monday, July 21, 2008

He's Weird, Whaaaaattttt?

I wanted to blog this the day it happened, but I couldn't. I can't let it sink in b/c then it might be real. The truth is, I know it's real, but that doesn't make it suck any less. Here's what happened.

Logen & I walk into preschool, happily. He wonders off to play in the kitchen center. I sign him in and walk over to kiss him good bye.
Little girl, age 4 or 5: He's weird
Me: What did you say?
Girl: I said, he's weird
Me: Why do you say that? (My heart is beginning to sink)
Girl: Because, he walks funny and he dribbles {meaning: he drools, CONSTANTLY}
Me: Well, everybody is different
Girl: Yeah, but why is he so weird?
Me: {Oh, God, please carry me out of here without crying. I can't do this! I can't. She's just 5, she doesn't know it hurts me. She doesn't understand}
Me: Well, Thats the way God made him and it's ok that he's like that, he's special. Just like you are special. Everybody here is special.
Girl: Oh, he gets everything wet
Me: Turn and walk away with tears in my eyes. Stare at teacher, not sure if she heard me. This child is not in his class, so she's not been told the "I'm special" story. It's ok. We can do this. Really, we can. It's going to be fine.

And, I think. He's 4 and a half. He goes to kindergarten in 2009. What do I do. If kids are already starting to notice the difference and point them out now, how do I handle them then? Will they shun him? OH, I just don't think we can do this. And, Logen- Logen can't explain to me how this makes him feel. It hurts me more every time I think about. A 5 year old hurt me this bad. How do I deal?????????

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  1. I'm so sorry that this happened. I have no advice but my heart breaks for both of you right now. You're right - kids don't know any better but I'm sure that doesn't help the pain.

    What a crappy day:(

  2. Oh Jess! What a difficult conversation. Big hugs to you! Kids do not know any better, but it is still so hard.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

  3. I'm so sorry Jess. That would indeed be an emotionally crippling experience. Just know that Logen is loved so much and he is such a blessing. That little girl didn't know any better but yes, that had to sting.

    Big hugs to you Jess!

  4. Im really sorry that this happened!! You poor thing!!!!

    Im sure you will be able to handle this better and better as you are a strong woman!!

    I may be too inocent, but I dont notice anything on the pictures!!


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