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Thursday, July 17, 2008

People Update

**Parker has been fever free for over 24 hours. Yay :) Whatever he lasted went away quickly. He's a rotten mess. Yesterday on the way to school- he's in the backseat saying "momma" over and over. I turn my head and say, "what baby?" "He grins really big and says, "Momma, Ut Baby?" I was thinking, you little turkey! Hes a copy cat :) He said it about 4 times and giggled and giggled!

** Logen's doing pretty good, I can't wait to go to St Louis next week and hear what the Neuro has to say about his seizing!!!!

** If you're a male, you may not want to read on- just so ya know. Kinda yucky. ** ~ I need input. I'm at my whits end with this one. WTH do I do? I go to my OB August 12, but I'm dieing here, seriously MISRIBLE! This is my 2nd cycle (in a row) that I have gotten a yeast infection. A bad, bad one. I took a diflucan Monday and Tuesday night. I did a 1 night OTC tx last night. I am hurting so bad I want to cut 'her' off! I told my mom last night I would rub dog poop all over me if it meant this would go away. It's got to be a hormonal thing, b/c the last one happened a week before my period and was thankfully gone by the time I started. This one happened a day after I started. Besides a boob job, I can't think of much worse than bleeding and yeast at the same time (those 2 make childbirth look like a breeze! I told you this hurts!) I'm thinking something is whacked out with my hormones which in turn is throwing my pH off which if causing the "natural" 'down there' bacteria to grow. I've always been one to get yeast easily, but this is a little rediculous. Nobody should get them with every cycle. Anybody have any suggestions? I know these are common during pregnancy as well. And, I have had major indigestion, heart burn (so bad, I took 6,000mg of tums, 2 zantac last night and still had to sleep sitting up b/c it wouldn't go away! And it's still here!!!), and gas lately- I bought a test and am taking it tonight. Bleeding means nothing to me, I bleed through both of my boys pregnanies, more so than I do on my periods. I don't think I could hold a pregnancy though. You can fit 3 of my fingers in my cervix now. Anyway, theres my ramblings--- need help with the yeast infection ideas. I'm misrible.

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  1. Glad Parker is feeling better, he sounds like a little character for sure!

    The yeast thing. I battle this from time to time. I hate them. YOGURT, YOGURT, YOGURT! I eat a little yogurt everyday. It seems to help sometimes but other times no. Good Luck GIRL!


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