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Friday, July 11, 2008

More Drama At Our House

For sake of insurance claims, I am not sure how much I can post- so I'll be somewhat brief until it's paid for. :P

So the other night, we walk in and discover water, lots of it. Parker's carpet is soaked, starting in the closet and outward. At first, I'm thinking as I ponder over what PJ's to pull off the hanger- good gravy he's pulled his diaper off again and pee'd the big one! Then, I'm like, no way--- this is way to big a pee for that little guy. Adaaaaammmmmm.... we have water problems! He slowly walks to the front of the house and is like beepity beep beep!
So last night, we get the grand idea to pull the shelves out of his closet. Mold, we drag it across the nice beige carpeting, leaves a nice big black streak. Carpet wasn't salvagable anyways, but this adds a nice touch. The trim is wet the bottom of the drywall is wet (mainly in the closet). We start pulling up carpert. I'm having a nice chat over text with Trina (Hannah's Momma from BBC) and discover this we can most likely claim on home owners and we shouldn't be doing overselves. I've taken pictures along the way, not to worry!

I call and make a claim. I tell that stupid chicka that I have 2 kids, 1 of which has major breathing issues (Parker had croup last winter like 4 or 5 times!) in the winter and allergies. Our insurance actually has him down for Asthma since he gets Xopinex (Something like like!) breathing treatments. She was not terribly nice and told me they'd get back to me in a few business days. Trina, my mom & I didn't like A FEW DAYS very well. So I called back and told them they needed to authorize a hotel (After calling my Dad to read him my policy and make sure this was covered, he used to sell insurance). They did page an adjuster. He called me back quickly and told me to get out of there- they would cover our hotel and any meal expenses sense we would obvioulsy wouldn't have the facilities to cook. I am suppose to call his cell phone this morning and they will send out the mold and water people to take a look at the damage. Not sure if they will come in and clean it up today or what will go on. We've already torn up the carpeting for them.

Oh, on our way out last night- Adam went into Logen's room and noticed the corner of his floor was also wet---- guess his room will get new flooring as well.

On a lighter note- Logen was taken to school in a pull up today, b/c I forgot to pack him shorts. I also forgot to pack extra diapers for Parker. Luckily there were 3 in the van. Glad he didn't have a major explosion! Forgot the soy milk, so he had to drink juice. I seriously think when they put in the implants, they took out my memory--- I have had major remembering issues since my boob job!

This morning I feel like my nickname should be "wannabe-superwoman"--- "Bring it on people! Apparently, the world thinks I can take on multiple things at once!"

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