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Thursday, July 17, 2008

House Update

The house is a mess! The garage has been runout with TOYS! We had to take just about EVERYTHING out of the boys rooms and put it in there. Friday the water restoration guys came in and cut a few holes in the wall to get to the pipe and to beable to ventilate the place. Logen's room got to fans and Parker's room got 2 fans and a super big dehumidifier. The bathroom between their rooms got to house the hosing to the dehumid and the plug to one fan. They tore out the rest of the carpet that we had left in the boys rooms. They were there daily to check the 'wetness' level and were able to pull the noisy things out Monday. The plumber came on Monday and fixed the pipe.
*** The problem ~ The outside spicket froze over the winter and split, causing the water to flow back into the house ***
The water works great now. We have no flooring, well we have concrete in the boys rooms. We are waiting to hear what insurance says the carpeting in their rooms is valued at so we can go floor shopping. I think we will install it ourselves and try to match it to the wood in the living room and halls. It can't be the exact same b/c they re-designed that style shortly after we bought it.
I feel as though I'm living in a contruction zone and it's just caos!

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