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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Silly Hubby, Your Wife Is Addicted....

Ok, so last night I was at the computer checking out blogs. Adam was sitting on the couch with 2 little monkeys climbing all over him. It'd been about 10 minutes before I start hearing this-
Honey, Why don't you come in here for some family time? (Me: Baby!) Do you love your internet friends more than us? (Me: Baby!) Would you rather talk to them then us? (Me: Baby!) Family time! We need you pronto! (Me: Baby!) You do! You love you online people more than you love your own family. I see how you are. Fine. Stay in there. We don't want you in here. (Me: Baby!)
At this point, I think... hmm... guess I *should* turn off the computer and go hang out with my boys for a bit. I was cracking up thinking I cannot wait to blog this one. Do you get what a smart butt I really am? I gave him nothing more than a "baby!" which is what I usually call him. He doesn't get called by his name unless I'm really mad at him, which isn't that often. So, to my internet friends- my hubby thinks I love you more than my family :P You should feel VERY special today!!

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  1. HA!! Sounds like my hubby!!
    P.S...Thanks for adding me to your prayer list!! :) I'm doing a little better today....I'm SOOO PMS'ing & I think it's adding to all of my stress!!!You're the best!

  2. Melissa- You are welcome. I'm working on emailing you back. If it's not soon enough- you've got my phone number. Feel free to call me!

  3. That is great! It sounds like a conversation in our house -- although it alternates between the two of us since my hubby is addicted to World of Warcraft

  4. Kiera- it does go both ways in our house to. Adam is addicted to PS2.


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