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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anxious, Nervous, Scared

I'm freaking out about today's appointment.... would you keep me in your prayers today?

I have a test in all of my classes next week- getting ready for Thanksgiving break. I love it when they hit you 3 days in a row. :(

I gave Logen his Rx cough med and Motrin last night- no fever this morning. He still has a nasty cough and horrible, icky snotty nose. Poor Parker has it too! He's got another ear infection! :(

Parker's well child visit last Thursday turned into a sick kid one when daycare called 1 hour pre-appt and told me he had fever. He had only been off his antibiotics from the last ear infection for 7 days. I think tubes are in his near future!!! He's made it up to the 26 lb marker! I'm 100% that is not accurate, I argued with the nurse b/c less than weeks before he was 24lbs naked. At 2, they weigh with clothes on. So, on the charts it appears that in less than 2 weeks time, he's gained 2 lbs. Oh, well-- charts don't matter, right?!

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  1. praying and hope everything turns out okay!

  2. Aaah...Jess. I'm here for you, sweetie..let me know if I can do anything..even though I'm miles & miles away!! ((HUGS)) & love going out to you, sweetie!!


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