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Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Fence Got "Tagged"

Sometimes after Adam left the house from lunch and the time I got home from getting Logen from therapy our fence was spray painted. I won't blog what my husband said b/c it's not the nicest- nor will I blog about what was spray painted b/c I don't want any publicity for whoever did this. It was sprayed in 2 spots though. The police that came and took the report said to get something painted over it immediately. He came from a big city where gangs were a problem and they told them to get paint over 'tags' quickly b/c a gang who sees that their sign is left up for lengthy periods will likely 'tag' again. He assured me that this is not something they see very often and their is no 'reported' gang activity in our town. Somebody needs to put these kids in an after school program or something. Spend time with your kids people!!!! What do you bet the parents didn't have a clue where or what their children were doing?!?!?!

You can bet I was knocking on all our neighboors doors questioning them- I just wanted to know if anybody saw anything! Why we got to be the lucky family this happened to... beats me.

* Side Note- Parker laughed when the cop came over and Logen was scared of him.

Just add this to my 'crap-o-la to do list'. It's not near long enough. Anybody have anything else they want to add for me to do?

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