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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Seizures = More Meds

Logen: last night was strange. He had a (or several, not really sure) seizure lasting 45 minutes'ish'. He would go in and out of it. Out for 30 seconds (bobbing head, stiff arms, just basically he wasn't 'there') and back in for a minute. Repeat about 1,000 times. I lost count. We gave Klonopin, again. This makes him (and Adam & I) crazy. It irritates him. He is unable to sit still. He went on a cleaning spree and put every pair of shoes in the living room away. He picked up toys. And he did this for 20 minutes. (Logen doesn't just pick up things like this. He's usually asked to do so and still has to be directed) Another odd thing (about 15 minutes after K admin) he was standing in the shower and had a BM. And, he was completely unaware of what happened. When Logen has an accident (such as urinating out of a pull up, 'shower poo' is not an ordinary occurrence) he may not always know it's coming, but he knows once he's done it and he gets Adam or I's attention (or tries to clean it up himself). He made himself a human canvas. It was cute and he was very proud of himself. He sat in the living room floor with a pen and colored all over his leg. We considered it therapy, he had many vocalizations! We did get pictures and I will post when I upload them. He was up and down most of the night.

I spoke with the Neuro's office this morning. We are going to go back down on his dose of Zonegran (3 in the AM/4 PM) and add Keppra. We will do 1.5mL for 7 days, increase to 2x/day for 7 days and then give full report to the office to see where to go next.

Logen has a 24 hour minimum videoed EEG scheduled December 16th. We haven't quite figured out the logistics since Parker won't be allowed to camp over night and neither parent wants to leave Logen...

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  1. Oh Jess! Logan continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. It is so hard to hear that things are still so difficult with getting the meds figured out.

    Please keep us posted.

  2. Keppra has worked really well for my son with seizures. Good luck!

    Carrie(Oconomowoc, Wi)

  3. Oh my god, Jess! No wonder you have HR/O2 issues, it's probably stress! Hang in there and keep up posted. Big hugs!


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