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Friday, November 7, 2008

I Locked Logen In The Van

Poor Logen. Momma's so mean! Wednesday after we left the Dr's office (with just an Rx for a cough med b/c we still aren't real sure what's going on...) we went to Sam's to get Logen's script filled. It was extremely windy!!!! I had opened the van door, locked all doors, tossed my keys in my purse- which was sitting in front of Logen's carseat when the wind blew the script right out of my hand. So, I turned to look like the idiot chasing a valuable piece of paper across a parking lot. When I caught it, I realized the wind had blown the van door shut. Not all the way, but enough to where you weren't going to open it. My keys, purse, phone, Logen- everything was right there in sight! I just couldn't get to it. 2 cart pushers were near by so I yelled at them to call something. A manager came out and told me they'd called the fire dept. I made sure they knew he did have a fever and was prone to seizures (and we were in handicap b/c of his CP) I didn't want the FD lolly gagging and Logen to seizure- there would have been nothing I could have done. At that point, I would have broken the window.
I stood there making silly faces at him trying to keep him amused. It felt like forever until they got there to get him free! They had a lock smith behind them so they didn't mess the door up.
Logen did get upset when the fire men got there, they crowded around the door to make sure he was ok. Then, when they got him out he gave me the biggest snugly hug ever!

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