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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Is Just 'Not Right'

I'm not sure what's been going on with Logen in the last 16 hours, but- it's not Logen.
He had ravioli, asparagus, and tropical fruit for dinner- he usually has no problem with any of these items. He hasn't had a problem keeping food in his mouth in some time. His ''suck" (which is more like a chew b/c he hasn't developed that skill just yet) has not been well coordinated either. It's been a few months since he's dribbled (out both sides of his mouth) more than he's gotten in his mouth. He did have private speech yesterday (and he hasn't had that in a few weeks)- and oral motor work was done and hit pretty hard, but I honestly don't think that was it. While that does fatugue Logen, I am pretty certain it wasn't that. There's a difference in what went on last night and what typically goes on after oral motor hasa been hit hard.

Last night, Logen did not sleep well. He woke up with a 102+ fever, shakiness, very thick green snot, and a pitiful cough. I've been giving him mucinex 2x a day since Sunday b/ he started with icky snot then- and I figured that would help clear it out. Hasn't thus far!

He has a Dr's appt this morning. I'll update when we get home! He's eating oatmeal right now, and doing pretty good with it- but the milk this morning. Oh, that really concerns me.

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  1. Oh poor Logan! I'll be watching for the update. Could it be that he's just so congested he can't breathe while he's eating? I know the only time Malayna drools is when she has a cold. Just more fluid then she can handle. Yuck!


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