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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Logen Hit His Head

It's been a rather eventful week in the Duncan home. Eventful = nothing out of the ordinary for us :P

Logen was at school on Thursday and the kids were lining up on the playground when he was pushed into the side of the school- which just happens to be rock. It left a round edema thats about a half dollar size (now, it's gotten bigger since documented at school) There are 2 superficial tears in the skin (aka spots where blood came up to the skin, but never came out). The nurse suggested we take him in with his seizure history. So, I left school and headed to get my Logen man. It was nice to hang out with just him for a few hours before we had to get Parker!! Even if it was accident related, it could have been way worse. The Dr said as long as he didn't pass out of vomit more than twice in 24 hours- he would be fine. The spot was soft and swollen (which in this case, is a good thing!)

He was not his usual self yesterday and I ended up getting him a bit early. I spoke with the nurse several times yesterday- we kinda came to the conclusion that his head hurt.
He's been ok today- :) NO seizures so far today!! He had a few here & there this week, nothing like it has been. I think our last medicinal increase is working- although the pattern has been -> he starts new dose, does good for about 12-14 days and starts having several seizures per day until the med is increased again. So, we are keeping a close eye on him!

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  1. Ouch! Poor Logan! I hope your head is feeling better real soon and I hope you pushed that kid back! :)

  2. Poor guy. It's always something. I'm glad it wasn't worse and didn't trigger any seizures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Poor logen I hope his head feels better soon

  4. Thanks guys. He did have a few little seizures afterward, nothing major- thank the Lord!!!! His noggin is looking better- his little scratches are healing nicely :)


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