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Thursday, November 13, 2008

(More) Kinesio Taping

We taped the little (big!) guy up today! I haven't posted pictures of this in a while, so I thought I'd post a few. I used my phone, so excuse the horrible lighting. I guess we are 'ghetto' b/c we don't have fancy-schmacy flash cameras on our cell phones.

I found a fairly interesting article about Kinesotaping for Oral Motor Control if anybody is interested, you can find that here.

Click here to view the 1st post made about Logen's taping experience. (July 2007)

I LOVE this stuff. We have seen some amazing results with the tape. When his pointer finger and arm are taped- the pointer finger is extended and he is able to 'point'. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! He is so proud as well. You should see him walk around a jabber as he points to things. And, how could you not love this little guy?!

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  1. We love, love, love kinesio tape! We have never done Sammy's leg, but it works so well for his hand/arm.

  2. Such a nice and amazing tape. Even I haven't try it, I know that it is working in muscle pains and very reliable. Thanks for posting this.

    Sports Medical Tape


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