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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Eerie Feeling

Maybe I caught a case of the 'election day' blues. I got up this morning with the weirdest, eerie feeling ever. I was scared to put Logen on the school bus. I wanted to hermit with my family in my home (like the feeling after 9/11, when we all just wanted to make it home to Momma and sit in her arms- I was still in high school then- so, I wanted my Momma!) I ended up going against my gut feeling and sending the boys to school. I called my Mom in near tears after dropping Parker off this morning. I still haven't figured out what was going on... but, that feeling was horrible.

I had sent a text to a close friend who reminded me that our Lord is good and to keep my faith in him. I've kept politics off my blog, b/c really- I'm not that politically savy.
I do know that our nation is very vulnerable right now and I think that's why I was so upset. I do not like when I do not know what's coming next. I've had several conversations with God today. I've not prayed for one party to win over another... while I do have a strong preference, I'm leaving it in God's hands now. We've all done what we can (and I hope my US buddies all got out and voted!) and we must have faith now!

So, here we go.... by tomorrow morning we will all know who the winner is! Lord be with us through it all :)

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