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Monday, November 17, 2008

Increase In Seizures

We are waiting for lab results- if they are 'clear' then we will 'up' Logen's seizure med once again.

Logen had about 10-11 seizures from after school to bedtime Friday. We administered his Klonopin.
Saturday: around 5 seizures noted (hard to say since he doesn't sit right in front of us the entire time he's awake)
Sunday: 3 WEIRD seizures. A NEW form... we've not had before. He was sitting at the table and it was like he lost control of his neck. His head flopped back until we caught it and his body jerked slightly. His eyes were glazed over- he did not blink when we waved our hands in his faces. And, he giggled every time he came out of it. Strange!
Monday: 1 at school, several at home- 'weird' ones

Will update on this when I hear back from St Louis. I was impressed that the Neuro called to check on Logen Friday (I just listened to my voice mails this morning...)
I have a test I need to study for....

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  1. Oh gosh, Jess! Hugs to you and Logen. My thoughts are with you and I'm watching for an update.


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