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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hearing Test Results

The Audiologist will be sending me 'formal' results- but here's what we know now-

His hearing is good at least in his 'good ear'. (Whatever the crap that means!) He wasn't the most compliant child (imagine that!) in sitting still- so she wasn't able to get 'perfect' pictures of both ears. He was still on antibiotics for an ear infection, which can affect the results.

She said that his Ped needs to keep a close eye on him and we need to push our insurance to cover speech (since he qualifies). Isn't this the story of my life. They are still denying Logen. A 5 y/o NON-VERBAL child that ASPIRATES does NOT qualify for Speech Therapy according to Cigna. Go figure. Thank goodness for Medicaid! Parker has no hope since he doesn't qualify. Don't get me started on the government aspect of helping middle class families! We are to poor to provide medical things for our family, yet according to them- we make to much for help. Makes me love the people that sit on their butts and do nothing all day even more......

For now, I am pretty confident that his speech delay IS NOT hearing related! Yippee.

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