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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Call From St Louis

I spoke with the nurse again today. It's almost freaky having a Dr's office call YOU to check on your child.
Here's our most recent plan.
* Blood work- she faxed me the script and we will do this *hopefully* tomorrow afternoon.
* He's up to 75mg AM and 100mg PM on the Zonegran. He cannot go up to much farther on the dose- which mean if he continues to have seizures, we may be switching medications.
* Admission to the St Louis hospital for a 24-48 hour (could be longer, but no shorter) ' videoed seizure watch'. We will begin the paper work for this. She said since he's not having *major* seizures everyday they wouldn't push this to be done now. It will be most likely Decemeber when we get this done.

I asked about a fMRI. The nurse said she would ask Dr Brunstrom and get back to me.
Some of you maybe interested in this. It's a functional MRI.

fMRI is becoming the diagnostic method of choice for learning how a normal, diseased or injured brain is working, as well as for assessing the potential risks of surgery or other invasive treatments of the brain.

Physicians perform fMRI to:
* examine the anatomy of the brain.
* determine precisely which part of the brain is handling critical functions such as thought, speech, movement and sensation, which is called brain mapping.
* help assess the effects of stroke, trauma or degenerative disease (such as Alzheimer's) on brain function.
* monitor the growth and function of brain tumors.
*guide the planning of surgery, radiation therapy, or other surgical treatments for the brain.

*** brain mapping
Mapping the brain's surface using small electrodes to stimulate a nerve so its electrical response can be measured. By determining the role of specific nerves in a patient, this technique helps surgeons avoid damage to sensitive areas while operating on the brain.

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  1. I've been thinking of you. I hope everything gets figured out soon and the seizures are controlled. Has Logen been doing ok this week?

  2. So glad you're dealing with such great docs! Hope all goes well in St. Louis in December (or whenever). Keep us posted!


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