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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Logen was invited to 2 birthday parties on Saturday. (you are laughing now... thinking, oh wow. major crisis. her kid was invited to 2 parties, big whoop!)

Here's the deal though. They are BOTH in his class (his special class). I am sure they both got invites to each others parties. One is from 12:30 - 2:30 and the other starts at 2. Both are for sets of twins. One at a inflatable toy jumpy place with lots of jumpy things (Logen of course can't stand up on these things, but since its for a non-'typical' kid I'm not worried about that). The other at a park. Do we try to do both? Do I go to one and not the other? What do we do? He's also got OT that morning from 11-12. Is it going to be a total over load for Logen (and Parker and Mom!) to try to do all of this in a few hours? I was thinking maybe go to the jumpy one (cake and pizza will be served) until 130 and then go to the park one and let the kids run wild for about an hour. And, then there's gifts. How do I know what to buy them. Where are they on the development scale? The jumpy one says no gifts please. The other does not. The girl twin (the one that is in his class) has moderate Down's. She talks a little, not very clear and is able to walk. Socially last year she was one on one in a room with her and a para b/c she couldn't do the stimulation. She has just 'come out of the box' they said in the last few months. She is a doll though. And, she loves me! I always get great big hugs and she wants me to pick her up when I go in his class!

Enough of that.... so, comment and help me out here. I know, we've all got 'bigger fish to fry' like the French quiz and pysch test I have tomorrow. Have you noticed I blog more around test time? Hmmm.... I think that may have a double meaning :)

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! That is a crazy day. I agree with you that you need to watch out for getting everyone over-tired.

    I like your idea of going to the jumpy one and I think that you honor the request to not bring gifts.

    For the second party, could you call the Mom and explain your day and tell her that you would like to make a showing, but if the boys are in meltdown mode you may need to pass. In other words you are a gametime decision?


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