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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yet Another Busy Week!

* Logen's 1st Kindergarten FIELD TRIP!!! (Nana is going with him, I have a test)
* Jessica- French Ch 2 Exam
* Logen- Private Speech
* Madelyne Reese is due (Adam's brother/Sister-in-law's baby)

* Take Van in to get fixed (get a loaner) the TPMS lights some on when we go on road trips and it's 'clicking', theres also something wrong with the steering column (all covered by warrenty!!)
* Logen- Private Speech & PT (I think we are going to drop the PT, he'd be in therapy til 5:30- thats too long of a day--- what is your opinion?)
* Spaghetti Dinner at Logen's School

* Jessica- 2nd Developmental Psych Test

* Jessica- Dr
* Logen- Private PT

* Logen- Private PT

* Logen- Private OT
* Birthday Party x2 (think we will be skipping one)
* Adam & Jess going to see "Cymbeline" for class. Joy-- always wanted to see this one and Adam is so stinkin' excited I am making him go with me!

I'm off to study! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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